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Regarding protection of personal data


As of January 15, 2009, this company is recognized by the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community as a licensed holder of the Privacy Mark.

The Privacy Mark is bestowed by the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community with the authorized cooperation of the Ministry of Economy in assurance that private enterprise holders maintain a system of proper measures to protect personal information.

In order to maintain trust with you as a consumer, this company does its best to improve the management and protection of your personal information.

Privacy Policy GAIE K.K. does its promotional activities via the Internet. Through its operations, personal information is collected in various forms, such as through mail magazines, gift giveaways, and more. 

In doing so, we recognize the importance of protecting personal information and the laws related to the protection of personal information. We observe standards set forth domestically and internationally. We are devoted to safely protecting customers’ personal information. In order to handle personal information correctly and honestly, we continue to bear in mind the following items:

1) All of our staff acknowledge the importance of protecting personal information when it is acquired, used, and shared in the scope of performing our business purposes. We will never use your personal information for other reasons.

2) We observe laws and national and international standards regarding personal information, and we maintain personal information management systems in order to handle all personal information with sincerity.

3) We take reasonable technological and systematic countermeasures to prevent improperly divulging, destroying, or damaging your personal information

4) Should you have any questions or complaints regarding our company’s collection of personal information or regarding the management system for protecting personal information, our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, we always consider claims when routinely establishing or updating systems and procedures. 

5) In order to use your personal information properly and to thoroughly protect it, we continuously review and improve our personal information management system. Last date of revision: April 5, 2016
Date of establishment: July 24, 2006
Representative director Nao Komai

Privacy policy

Gaie, Inc. (hereafter referred to as the "company"), in observance of laws concerning protection of personal information, stipulates the following privacy policy (the "privacy policy") for the security of the users who access our service.

◆ Handling of personal information

1)Acquisition of personal information The personal information stated in this privacy policy refers to email addresses, names, telephone numbers, and any other information that can identify an individual user. The company collects personal information for the reasons stated in the following section.

2) Reasons for use of personal information The company collects personal information for the following reasons:

<Reasons for acquiring personal information directly>

  1. Hiring practices
  2. User support
  3. Insurance and wage payments to employees, or in the case of a worker on loan from another company, for planning of sharing the information with the other company

<Reasons for use of acquiring personal information via outsourcing>

  1. Personal authentication for providing services
  2. Running services for which this company manages
  3. Improving the contents and features of these services
  4. Sending notifications and making contact necessary for the services
  5. Sending mailing lists to users with their permission
  6. Executing and delivering campaigns, prize-awards, and questionnaires
  7. Creating statistical data as reference for these services
  8. Advertising, public relations, information distribution, etc. for considering business tie-ups

3)Regarding voluntary distribution of personal information For using this company's services, we ask the user to provide his or her personal information. If you are unable to allow us to share the information we have requested, you may not be able to use the concerned services

4)Limitations of distribution of personal information to third parties, commissioned businesses

1)Provision to third parties
This company will not share your personal information to third parties without your prior consent. If there are any changes to our purpose of use, we will require your consent upon notification before newly sharing with third parties, not limited by the following circumstances:

  1. When required by law.
  2. When necessary to protect the person's life, body, or property but there is difficulty in receiving permission from the person concerned.
  3. When necessary for improving the public health or the healthy development of children, and there is difficulty in receiving the person's consent.
  4. When lawfully necessary for duties related to national organizations, local government bodies, or consignees, and there is a hindrance in obtaining the individual's permission for the related duties.

2)About outsourcing
This company will outsource your personal information only in the following circumstances:

  1. Managing the server the company uses to outsource operations
  2. Delivery of a prize giveaway

5)Regarding the disclosure of personal information If you wish to revise or correct your personal information, or if you wish to be briefed of the purpose of the use of your personal information, or if you no longer wish for your personal information to be possessed by us or to be delivered to third-parties (hereafter referred to as "disclosure"), please mail your request to the address below, or email us.
Upon your request, we will send you details on how to complete the request as well as a "Personal information disclosure invoice." Only after confirming your identity, and in order to prevent leakage of your personal information, we will disclose your personal information to you within a reasonable amount of time.
If you wish to have your personal information disclosed to you or if you wish to be notified of the nature of the use of your personal information, we request a handling payment of 1000 yen (tax included).
In order to complete your request, we may request the following material to confirm your identity:

<Identity Confirmation Material>
If you are making the request for yourself: driver's license, passport, health insurance card, Basic Residential Registers Network System card with photo, copies of foreigner registration, or a copy of a resident card
If you are making the request as a representative: In addition to the materials listed above, an official letter proving your legal delegation or power of attorney, and materials to verify your identity as representative

Please note, if your personal information was provided through a client, personal information we can disclose is limited to the following:

  1. Requested digital personal information data that our company has the rights to.
  2. Any requested searchable printed personal information our company has the rights to.
    We are unable to disclose any personal information not pertaining to the above

6)About the security of personal information For your privacy and security your personal information is password protected. We use the international standard 128bit SSL encoding technology when it is necessary to transmit your personal information. When your personal information enters our server, it is secured by SSL encoding.
Therefore, unrelated third parties are unable to read your personal information.

◆ Use of informative data

1)Acquisition and purpose of use of informative data The content and purpose of informative data (※1) acquired by the company are as follows: When a user views an ad streamed by this company, or when a user sees an app or web contents using one of our company's analytical tools--in having directly interacted with our company's service--we acquire the user's historical information.

This company provides various services that use data for our business partners. In order to provide these services, this company receives users' attribute information from our business partners (age, sex, place of residence)

We may provide informative data to corporations, ad streaming businesses, media companies, advertising agencies, advertisers and their partners that we use for our services in the appropriate manner for the following purposes:

  1. Providing information on Internet users who have viewed certain websites relevant likes and interests.
  2. Marketing research and analysis.
  3. For statistical data research and analysis reserved for management.
  4. Planning, developing, and providing products, services, and information suitable for users; planning and developing new products, services, and information.
  5. Guidance for products, services, and campaigns belonging to our company and other companies.
  6. Distribution and display of advertising and questionnaires from this company and other companies.
  7. Providing useful, conclusive information to other companies and users.

※1 "Informative Data" refers to log information recorded in Internet cookies. It does not identify specific users.

2)Recipients of Informative Data This company may supply informative data to corporations, advertising streamers, media, advertising companies, and advertising agencies who use are services, and their business partners, using the appropriate methods for each purpose. Speculated likes, interests, and age classifications of each user (segments) may be provided to business partners, including advertising streamers, media, advertisers, and advertising agencies. The segments that this company provides are used to stream targeted ads, make recommendations, develop advertising menus, and analyze users and viewership.
This company does not approve of using our segments to identify a user without the user's permission. This company, in observance of all laws and ordinances, only provides segments to our business partners.

3)About the opt-out This company provides a function (opt-out function) to stop the streaming of targeted ads based on cookie data. Moreover, this company provides a function to stop this company from creating segments and to stop supplying them to third-parties (business partners).

→  opt-out ・Twitter
→  opt-out ・Google Inc.
→  opt-out ・Treasure Data
→  opt-out
The user must opt out every time they use their browser. Therefore, if one uses a different computer than the one they opted out on, or if one installs a new browser, they must opt out again. Moreover, if the user deletes cookies issues by this company, then they must opt out again.

Other This company periodically acquires backup data of server data, including personal information acquired from customers. This will not be used for any reason other than in the case of technical difficulties and other emergencies with the server.

◆ Regarding revision of Privacy Policy

If there are significant changes to this privacy policy, they will be posted on the top of the company's page.
We recommend you check the top of the company's page regularly for any new information related to other changes. We are not responsible for any trouble related to not checking the page for updates.

◆ Customer Service

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding this company's handling of personal information and its collection of informative data, please use the contact information below.

102-0092 Tokyo, Hayabusa-Cho, Chiyoda-ku 2-19 Ichigo Hanzomon Bldg
Gaie Inc. Personal information inquiries
Tel:03-6823-6000(Weekdays 11:00-19:00)
(If by e-mail)

You can also use the following authorized personal information protection organization for filing complaints related to personal information.
Japan 106-0032, Japan
Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 1-Chome 9 - 9 of Roppongi first building
Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community

Last revised October 1, 2018
Established May 5, 2007
Gaie Inc.
Representative Director: Nao Komai

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