Privacy Policy

Policy for Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)


【Principle for protection of personal information】

Gaie, Inc. (hereby, “This Company”) provides promotional services via the Internet. In providing Its services, any customers’ personal information as well as This Company’s employees’ personal information collected (including identifiable personal information, hereby referred to as “Personal Information”) shall be regarded by This Company as important information and This Company shall be obligated to reliably protect such Personal Information. Therefore, This Company shall handle such Personal Information collected in conducting its services in accordance to the following policy, and, with regard to the protection of Personal Information, shall provide “security” to customers as well as This Company’s employees as Its own corporate obligation.


1.Collection, use, and sharing of Personal Information

  1. Personal Information shall be collected through legal and impartial means.
  2. Personal Information shall be used within the necessary scope of the purposes of its use.
  3. In the case of sharing Personal Information with third parties, the prior approval of the person concerned shall be required.
  4. Collected Personal Information shall not be used outside of its intended use, and there shall be measures taken to prevent so.
  5. In the case that it becomes necessary for usage other than that as initially intended, prior permission for the new use shall be required.

2.Laws and ordinances, national guiding principles, and other standards (hereto referred to as “Laws and Ordinances”) All employees involved in This Company’s business (hereto referred to as “Employees”) shall be kept well-informed of all Laws and Ordinances concerning services that handle Personal Information so that they are observed and adhered to as much as possible.

3.Secure management of Personal Information

  1. In order to protect from various risks, including unlawful access to Personal Information and the leakage, destruction, and damage of Personal Information, a system of speedy correctional measures shall be devised and maintained for the secure management of Personal Information.
  2. Preventative measures shall be taken for any shortcomings related to any infringements or any accidents discovered upon inspection in addition to immediate correction.
  3. Employees shall be thoroughly educated about security.

4.Complaints, consultation For complaints or consultations related to the handling of Personal Information, a customer service window shall be established, and a system of speedy correspondence shall be devised for sincerity.

5.Continuous improvement

  1. This Company’s Personal Information management system shall, for the protection of Personal Information, observe and inspect the status of adherence to internal regulations; act upon any discovered infringement, incident, accident, or weak point; and shall conduct any review required by a manager. Upon managerial consideration and internal review, the Personal Information Management System shall be continuously improved.
  2. Reforms shall be based on Laws and Ordinances and JIS Q 15001.

Enacted July 24, 2006
Revised July 1, 2018
Gaie, Inc.
Representative director: Nao Komai

Handling of Personal Information

In accordance to JISQ15001:2017 requirements clauses and, This Company discloses the following.

【Purpose of use for acquisitions other than acquisitions directly received by the concerned person in writing】
Classification of Personal Information Purpose of Use Disclosure Classification
Personal Information gathered by outsource
  1. Personal certification for providing services
  2. Operation of services whose management was consigned by This Company
  3. To better enrich the content and service material of the service concerned
  4. Notification and necessary contact related to services
  5. Distribution of newsletters to email addresses after customer’s approval
  6. Campaign, prize projects; delivery of questionnaires
  7. Reference for the creation of statistical data related to the concerned service
  8. Consideration of advertising, publicity, and information for business tie-ups
Not public
【Purpose of use for held personal data】
Classification of Personal Information Purpose of Use
Information about someone who sent an inquiry Correspondence to the inquiry, guidance related to the service
Customer information Customer’s contact info, contract fulfillments, fulfillment requests, etc.
Employment candidates, applicants’ personal information Reference for employment, contact info
Staff information Employment management of personal affairs, general affairs, etc.
Information about the campaign site use User support
【Procedure for Disclosure Request】

If a person or their representative corresponds with This Company to notify, disclose, revise, add or remove, stop use, delete, or stop of distribution to third parties (hereto referred to as “a Disclosure Request,”) of personal data held by This Company, the procedure is as follows:

1. Point of Application for Disclosure Request For requesting disclosure, etc., please attach the appropriate forms to the Personal Information Disclosure Form and send by mail. When sending the request to This Company, please deliver by way of recorded delivery, such as record of delivery mail, or simplified registered mail. Moreover, please write on the envelope in red ink, “Personal Information Disclosure Form.”

2. Written submission for Disclosure Request When making a request for disclosure, please fill all the designated areas of the Personal Information Disclosure Form and send by mail.

3. Confirmation of Identity For confirming the identity of whoever makes a Disclosure Request to This Company, there shall be a confirmation call by telephone. If unable to be confirmed by telephone, there may be a case where presentation of a copy of driver’s license, resident card, health insurance card, etc. is necessary.

4. Disclosure Request via representative If a representative is delegated to make a request for disclosure please enclose the following documents in addition to the Personal Information Disclosure Form:
(1)Form to confirm identity of representative (copy)
Either 1: driver’s license, resident card copy, insurance card copy
※Please prepare documents with one’s permanent docile
(2)Letter of attorney (Please attach a sealed letter of attorney from the individual, as well as a proof of seal record matching the seal. If the representative is a parent or legal guardian, they may submit forms showing the relationship to the individual in place of the letter of attorney.)

5. Fees for request of Disclosure or notification on purpose of use A fee of 500 yen (including tax) shall be charged for each request for Disclosure or notification on purpose of use of Personal Information.
Please enclose a 500 yen fixed amount postal money order form.
The customer is responsible for any fees incurred in the purchase of the postal money order as well as any postal fee to This Company.
Please be advised that if the fee is not fully paid or if it is not enclosed, the Disclosure or notification on purpose of use may not be provided.

6. Response to Disclosure Request Response will be delivered in writing to the address provided by the customer on the request form.

◆ Use of informative data

1) 1) Purpose of use and acquisition of informative data The content and purpose of use of informative data(※1) acquired by This Company shall be the following. This Company may collect the personal history of any user who interacts with This Company, such as any user who views advertising supplied by This Company, or any user who views web content or applications that use analytical tools provided by This Company.
Additionally, This Company provides various services to its business partners utilizing this data. In order to provide these services, This Company may provide users’ attributable information (user’s age, sex, place of residence, etc.) at any business partner’s request.
Informative data may be provided by any means reasonable to the objectives of any corporation, ad service provider, media company, ad agency, advertiser, etc. that uses This Company’s services for the following purposes:

  1. To provide information coinciding with a website’s visitor’s interests, tastes, etc.
  2. Marketing research and analysis
  3. Creation of statistical values and use of analytical results for management analysis
  4. To plan, develop, and provide products, services, and information to better serve users; and to plan and develop new products, services, and information.
  5. Guidance for This Company and other companies’ products, services, and campaigns
  6. To supply and display This Company and other companies’ advertising and questionnaires
  7. Otherwise, to supply information This Company deems in the interest of users

※ ”Informative data” means information, etc. logged into Cookies during Internet use that doesn’t necessarily specify an individual.

2) Recipients of informative data This company may provide informative data by appropriate means to corporations and any ad holders, media companies, ad agencies, and advertisers’ partners that use This Company’s services. This Company may supply information related to classifications formed from sorting users under specific conditions by interests, likes, age groups, etc. all inferred from collected informative data (segments), to ad holders, media companies, ad agencies, and advertisers’ business partners. Segments that This Company provides will be used for targeted advertising, recommendations, development of ad menus, customer and user analysis, etc.
This Company does not approve of any use of This Company’s segments to distinguish a specific person without a user’s permission. This Company shall provide its segments only to business partners that comply with applicable Laws and Ordinances as well as the standards set forth by This Company.

3) Opt-out This Company offers functions to stop targeted advertising using cookies by This Company (opt-out functions). Also, This Company offers functions to stop the creation of segments and to stop the provision of segments to third parties (provision to business partners). If you wish to opt out, please visit the following opt-out pages:
→  Opt-out ・Twitter
→  Opt-out ・Google Inc.
→  Opt-out ・Treasure Data
→  Opt-out ・Juicer
→  Opt-out Opt-out must be activated in each browser that the user operates. Thus, if using a computer other than the computer where opt-out was activated, or if a new browser has been installed, opt-out must be activated again. Also, if a user deletes Cookies issued by This Company, opt-out must be activated again.

Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organizations and Complaint Resolution Center
  1. Name of authorized personal information protection organization: Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community
  2. Complaint Resolution Center: Personal Information Protection Complaint Center
  3. Address: 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato Ward, Roppongi 9-9 Roppongi First Building
  4. Phone number: 03-5860-7565、0120-700-779

※Please be advised the information above is not for inquiry about This Company’s products or services
※This Company asks to first submit complaints to This Company in any case This Company is found to have inappropriately managed Personal Information; if This Company’s correspondence is dissatisfactory, the customer may submit a complaint to the Personal Information Protection Complaint Center above

For any questions or complaints please refer to the contact information below

Gaie, Inc. Personal Information Inquiry Person in charge: Koyama
〒102-0092 Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward, Hayabusa-Cho 2-19 Ichigo Hanzomon Building
TEL:03-6823-6000 (Weekdays11:00 - 19:00)
<Officer for Personal Information matters> Personal Information Protection Manager: Makoto Furudate

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